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Camp in the Ukraine successfully concluded

Two weeks with lots of youths, a great amount of work and much fun: This is what the participants of the workcamp in the Ukraine experienced. First the French, German and Ukrainian youths worked on a house to make it accessible for people with disabilities. Following that, they went on a weeklong rafting tour and let the rivers wet their faces. Some Belarussian youths visited the camp spontaneously, and the organisers from France (Europe Unie), the Ukraine (Green Cross Society) and Germany (OT St. John) were excited to see so many different people at their camp and contribute to the mutual understanding of their cultures. Specifically building was not easy at times, but definetly great fun for everyone. Similarly, cooking together and living outdoors sometimes were a challenge. Now the participants have arrived back home, happy and exhausted, remembering the times they had at the camp and looking forward to their meeting in Cologne next year.

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