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Товариство "Зелений хрест"

Empowering volunteers through effective management
Monday, 30 September 2013 17:20

The main theme of the project "Empowering volunteers through effective management" is voluntary work development. We would like to encourage the NGO around the partner countries to promote qualitative voluntary work management for increasing the number of young people, who are going to be involved in voluntary work at local, national and international level, and to strengthen the capacity of NGOs who manage the voluntary work.

The goals of the training are:

  1. To create the space for exchange of experience for youth workers, especially for one’s working with volunteers;

  2. To provide the youth workers with the new knowledge and skills in organizing and leading voluntary work.

The methods which will be used: getting to know each other games, ice-breaking games, team building activities, presentations, brainstorms, discussions, work in smaller and bigger groups, video training, making the action plan for effective volunteers management, planning the common projects within the frame of "Youth in Action" programm, the evaluation and results dissemination process after the training course.

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